August TWG meeting at Machakos


n his opening remarks Mr. T.E Nyongesa on behalf of Director Crops Management made during the Countrystat Technical Working Group Workshop at Tea Tot Hotel Machakos, 25 -29 August 2013, informed the members that ,as you are aware the first phase of the project was launched in Kenya in 2009 and ended in 2010. The 2nd phase of the CountrySTAT project which started in 2011 and expected to end in 2015 has placed emphasis on the improvement of data quality, both  in content and dissemination. This is expected to  assist in the provision of reliable agricultural statistics via the national CountrySTAT site


Kenya, under the able leadership of Mr. Abner Ingosi the National Coordinator was the first country in Sub-Saharan Africa to set up a CountrySTAT web-based database system. CountrySTAT is a statistical framework and applied information system for analysis and policy making designed to; Organize, Integrate, Disseminate statistical data on food and agriculture from different data providers.


The project also coordinates the collection of scattered statistical information to make it compatible at the County, National, Regional and International levels to meet internationally acceptable standards. Since its launch in 2009, the CountrySTAT in Kenya has made tremendous progress; several data sets have been validated,  improved quality of information at the National level is available which has enhanced reduced time in access and publication of information.


It was further observed that, when the project was launched in 2009 the devolved system of government was not yet in place and collection of data/ information from the field was not a problem. However, in order to ensure continues quality and accuracy of raw data there was urgent need to identify data collectors in devolved units of government and sensitizes them on vital role played by them in assisting decision makers in making rational development policies.


The National Coordinator Mr. Abner  Ingosi informed the TWG members that, their  terms of Reference for the meeting expected them to upload the harmonized and validated data from Economic Survey and Economic Review of Agriculture, 2012 and 2013. To Complete the Draft National correspondence tables for Fisheries, Machineries and Forestry Sub-sectors with an updated list of ALL agricultural products in Kenya ( i.e. including all local variety products) and finalize a system for the classification of the products in order to assign specific codes to each local variety of culture in the local nomenclature in the correspondence table. To update the remaining Key Indicators with 2010 and 2011 data and address issues raised by EAC region STAT on the key indicators. To harmonize the Core and Sub-National up to 2012 and if possible attempt to update the sub-national domain with production data for up to 2012 and  introduce  47 counties instead of 8 provinces.