CountrySTATKenya TWG Meeting


The CountrySTAT Project Technical Working Group (TWG) held their first workshop in the Second Phase of the project on 6th-8th of Feb, 2012 at Kitui Agricultural Training Centre which is about 170km South-west of Nairobi. 


In his welcome remarks, the National Coordinator Mr. Abner Ingosi informed the members that, the availability of reliable, consistent, comprehensive, timely Food and Agricultural data for the development of agricultural sector remains critical. Realistic data is required to inform the planning process, compilation of reliable national accounts; monitor sector performance, monitor and evaluate the impact of policies and programmes and contribution to decision-making process.


In this regard, the TWG was being held at an appropriate time when the demand for reliable data by several stakeholders is at its highest level. The members were expected to participate in harmonization and validation of published data on Countrystat and FAOSTAT website, update data on area and production for major crops, livestock production sector, fisheries, national correspondence table and Key national indicators among others.


The TWG members were further reminded that, it is the Ministry's of Agriculture desire to establish a one stop shop centre for Agricultural statistics. The need to have a one stop shop centre, is aggravated by the fact that agricultural sector is being handled by various ministries in the sector. CountrySTAT Project therefore offers an excellent opportunity in fulfilling the ministry's desire. 

TWG Member Group Photo