FAO Launches new statistical Information System in its member countries


In its efforts to harmonize information on data management for food and agriculture,Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), has started an integrated statistical information system in its member countries.

Kenya is amongst the 17 African nations, which launched the new system, known as CountrySTAT, last year.


The CountrySTAT project is an information system owned and maintained by a national staff of a country, and aims at improving substantially the harmonization, integration, accessibility and dissemination of existing food and agriculture statistics and to support results based decisions. According to the National Coordinator, Mr. Abner Ingosi, CountrySTAT is an easy, fast web-based interface, accessible from anywhere. 


Mr. Ingosi told a CountrySTAT Kenya, technical Working Group meeting at a Nairobi hotel that the system has promoted Partnership between different statistical institutions in the country , such as Kenya National Bureau of Statistical Office, Ministries of Agriculture, Livestock development, Fisheries, Forestry, Environment. 


He added that FAO and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are financing the project incapacity building in the development of World Database on agriculture. Known as FAOSTAT. 

In his address, the Acting Director-General of Production Statistics at the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Mr. Joseph Katungu, commended the four agriculture ministries' move to harmonize their data so that they were easily accessed by users.


He underscored the importance of qualitative data, particularly in the agriculture sector, if the country's policies and programs' objectives are to be achieved. In order to strengthen the national statistical system, he added, a committee has been formed to identify and address challenges that face the collection, harmonization and management of data. 


Mr. Katungu announced that the government will soon conduct a comprehensive agriculture/livestock survey to ensure that it had accurate data on crops, livestock and fish that the country managed. 

The one day workshop drew participants from the ministries of agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, and Department of Statistics.


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